Friday, October 2, 2015

Harvey and Bonny Role Play - Harvey Surprises Bonny with a Trip

Harvey: He loved nothing more than spoiling his woman.  He loved to take her out for a fancy ass meal followed by a West End show, ending back at the club for a little play before dawn.  Tonight, however, was a special event.  A year ago to the day, while he believed he was saving Bonny from her ex, she had saved him from himself.  Bonny’s resilience to the word ‘no’ was intolerable.  Day by day, hour by hour she had worked her charm on him until she’d hooked him and gutted him to the core.  He padded the pink silk lining of his jacket for the hundredth time and entered their room.  Harv was a patient man, maybe not as patient as his twin, but patient enough.   Tonight, as he cast his eye across the mass of pink fabric that had exploded over his bed, he drew on his inner strength to stay calm.  “Don’t look at me like that, Sir; this mess is totally your fault.  If I knew where you were taking me, I would know what to wear.” Bonny grumbled as she slid into a very short pink and white strip of lace that he guessed she called a dress.   He smiled an appreciative smile before she added. “Oh shit, I’m totally in trouble for that aren’t I?”  He nodded slowly and cocked a brow.  “Yes, you are baby, but it will have to wait ‘till later.  The cab’s waiting and the pilot’s ready to go.”

Bonny:  Heavens to Betsy!  She didn’t know what to wear or what to bring along.  All her Master had said was that he had a surprise for her and she was to dress up and pack an overnight bag.  She dragged a few dressed from her closet and laid them out on the bed to choose.  She’d put the rest away later.  She decided to wear the new pink and white lace dress she’d just bought since it was versatile and could really be worn anywhere.  Besides that, it was sure to get a rise from her gorgeous Master.  She’d scaled up to a slightly larger bag and was piling in her necessities when he turned up.  Just in case they were going to someplace fancy, she had one or two of her nicer dresses.  Then, she’d put in a few casual outfits and of course each one needed matching shoes and handbag, not to mention her cosmetic case.  She was just about done when he arrived looking all grumpy.  Once again she spoke before she thought and totally got herself in trouble.  By the gleam in Master’s eye, she could tell it was the good kind though.  As he closed her bags and stacked them next to his smaller case, she jumped up and down.  “Oooh.  A pilot?  We’re going on a plane?”  “Not if you don’t get your ass moving, Bane,” her Sir replied.  Following him out the door and into the waiting taxi, she bounced up and down in her seat when he instructed the driver to take them to Heathrow.  He shot an indulgent grin her way; that one he had that just totally melted her insides.  “Master, tell me, tell me, tell me.  Where are you taking me?  I need to know.”

Harvey:  He sucked in a deep breath, cupped her chin in his palm and planted a tender kiss on the tip of her nose. His Bane was excited and impatient. “Soon,” he said. “When we board… Promise.” Two and a half hours later, when his ass was nestled in soft cream Italian leather and he was sipping a cool glass of expensive champagne, he felt the familiar stir of anticipation grow thick and hard in his pants.  “New York.” He said to answer her burning question. Bonny bounced around in her seat and he wondered vaguely if he’d forgotten to take out her butt plug this morning.  “Heavens to Betsy, Really?” Taking her slender hand in his, he gently rubbed the inside of her wrist with his thumb to calm her. “Steady beautiful,” he chuckled as the seat belt sign clicked off in the private jet. “Or I may be forced to restrain you to save us from hopscotching across the Atlantic.” His words of warning had fallen on deaf ears. Bonny, the Bane in his life had gone in to what he liked to describe a full on bubble gum explosion.  Flashes of pink fabric and bleached blonde curls filled his vision as she bounced uncontrollably in her seat. “We need to give you focus,” he said as he drew a hank of ribbons from his suit jacket and luckily for the crew, I know exactly how to do that.”

Bonny:  NEW YORK!!!  She could barely breathe.  Her whole life she wanted to visit New York.   She’d assumed they were going to one of countries not too far from London, but NEW YORK!  Bonny was almost giddy with excitement and couldn’t stop bouncing in her plush leather seat.  She was sure Harvey was totally pulling her leg about bouncing the plane.  She was pretty sure planes didn’t react to people bouncing, at least big ones didn’t.  Well it didn’t matter because now that she knew where they were going, she totally couldn’t sit still.  Her small fists were clenching and unclenching even as he tried to soothe her.  Oh God, did she have the right outfits?  Did her hair and make up look up to New York standards?  Maybe she should go into the loo and check.  He was speaking and pulling ribbons out of his pocket but she couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying.  She heard the word ‘focus’ but that was pretty much it.  Well she was focusing.  She was focusing on New York.  “What will we do when we get there, Master?  Will we see a show?  Will we see any sights…the statue of liberty or the 9/11 memorial?  Are the shops open?  Can I buy a new dress?”  With a chuckle, his lips covered hers in a mind shattering kiss and she totally lost her train of thought.  She was putty in his hands as she finally relaxed back into her seat and felt the taut fabric of the ribbons circle her wrists as he bound each one to an armrest.

Harvey:  He would have answered all her questions if she hadn’t taken his breath away.  He loved nothing more than to please his woman and he knew his woman loved nothing more than shopping.  Where better in the world to shop than New York.  Kneeling before her, he nestled his massive chest between her slender thighs, planting tender kiss against her soft flesh as he inched her French and fancy over her hips and to the floor. The scent of her arousal was as evident as the hardness of his cock.  Damn he loved that his woman was always hot for him. “Bad girls have to earn their reward.” He teased as he took his sweet time running his fingers over her flesh from knee to groin. “Bad girls like you, have to earn their reward by showing her master just how excited she is to be in New York.” Bonny’s soft moans filled the cabin as he inched up her dress and eased her hips forward so she sat on the edge of the seat.  Unable to wait for another minute and with her pink folds opening for him to devour, he dipped the tip of his tongue into all her sweet honey. “Damn woman, I love the way you taste.” With his balls aching and his cock straining in his pants, he latched onto her harden little clitty and suckled on her sweet spot till she begged for her release.”

Bonny:  Her mind went completely blank the moment he slid down onto the floor and parted her silky thighs.  The contrast of his rough skin on her tender flesh sent gooseflesh over her entire body.  God!  Her nipples throbbed behind her silky top and the cool air kissed her core as he dropped her panties onto the floor and raised her skirt to her waist.  Breathlessly, she replied before she lost her ability to speak in any coherent way.  “Yesssss, Sir.  I’m so very excited.  Soo, soo….” Her voice trailed off as his mouth claimed her swollen pulsing nub, his fingers holding the lips of her pussy wide and delving just a tad into her dripping core.  Her body jolted as she strained to part her legs even more at his appreciation of her flavor.  “Oh yeah, baby.  That’s my good girl.”  She threw her head back against the soft seat, her body quivering from head to toe as he pushed her higher and higher…toying with her sex and alternating between suckling, licking and fingering until he had her wild with need and biting her lip to hold her orgasm.  Again and again he took her to the razor edge of release.  Her fingers curled into the armrest just as her master growled out his command to cum.  She bucked and shuddered, her pussy clenching around his fingers and tongue as wave after wave of pure pleasure rocked through her.

Harvey.  Goddamn, he loved to feel his woman contract around his tongue; soft tender flesh hardening around his delicate tongue as her juices flooded into his mouth to become part of him.  “I need to be buried in you,” the desperation in his voice was lost in the deep rumble of the jet engines.  “On your knees, Bane and lean over the back seat,” he said as he released the silk ribbons that bound her wrists.  Bonny shifted in her seat.  The pale pink fabric of her dress ruffled in the curve of her lower back, emphasizing her tiny waist and shapely rounded ass. Unable to help himself, Harvey cupped her left cheek in his dark palm, eased forward and sank his pearly whites into her rose pink flesh.  Bonny sweet little moan and sharp intake of breath filled the cabin as much as her delicate sexy musk.  “Brace yourself baby, Master needs to be buried deep and he ain’t gonna be gentle.”  Harvey released his fly, as he palmed his dark length and stroked back the warm thickness through his fingers, his cotton pants nestled on the top of his polished loafers.  Kneeling on one knee, he eased Bonny s’ cheeks wide, and aligned his cock with her succulent wet entrance.  “Goddamn baby, you’re beautiful everywhere,” he praised as he stretched her core in one thorough plunge.

Bonny:  With pleasure still cascading through her from head to toe, she scrambled onto the seat, knees parted and her bottom thrust back for his taking.  She needed him; she needed every inch of him inside of her, filling her, completing her.  Her fingers curled into the rough fabric of the seat back as she begged softly.  “Please, please, yes, yes.”  A needy shudder wracked her frame as Master’s teeth sank into her tender bottom sending a flood of honey from her burning core.  She was so very ready, her flesh tingling wherever he touched.  The aroma of their mingled scents reached her and her eyes fluttered shut as she focused on the delicious fullness that first thrust brought.  “Oh God…God…Master…yes….”  Bonny clutched the headrest as he plunged into her body again and again, each thrust driving her higher and higher until she thought she’d totally die from bliss.  She felt him everywhere in and around her, as his broad hands closed around her ample breasts in complete ownership.  The warmth of his powerful body firmly pressing against her back scorched her to the bone.  “Heavens to Betsy!  Master!  I need to cum.  Please, Sir…”  She panted and rocked with him, moans and inane sounds of pleasure filling the cabin as she waited for her beloved Master to bark the command which would send her soaring.

Harvey:  His head was swimming his heart was pounding and his balls were ready to explode.  “Goddamn it woman you feel so good, I don’t ever want to stop fucking you.” Harvey cast an eye down to where they were joined.  His thick dark shaft glistened in his woman’s honey, turning his black cock glossy from crown to root.  Wrapping a hank of blonde tendrils around his palm he eased Bonny’s head back on her spine. “You’re my Bane, always and forever.” He pledged before he suckled on the racing heartbeat fluttering below the rosy flesh at the nape of her neck.  “Come for me and draw my seed deep in that pretty pussy of mine.” Bonny’s pleasured pants became erratic; a mixture of uncontrolled breathing and helpless wanton moans; a sound he knew he would never tire of hearing.  Laying his superior frame across her damp back, he parted her succulent lips and pinched her pearl between his firm fingers.  Feeling the burn roll down his spine to his balls, he changed his tactics from a deep thrust to slow painfully controlled grind.  Cursing under the intensity of his torture, he rubbed the tip of his cock against her G-Spot as he growled, “Now Bane, come for your master.”

Bonny:  He just completed her.  Harvey was her fantasy…her lover…Master and love all wrapped into one.  Heavens to Betsy, she loved the feel of him, around her…in her…all over her.  His nimble fingers delivering mind blowing pleasure, his long, thick cock stretching her, filling her and hitting every pleasure receptor deep in her sex.  Just when she thought she’s totally explode, her release crashed over her like a tsunami wave of pure ecstasy.  Delicious contractions rocked her body from deep within her core.  “Oh God…Oh God…Master r r r…yessssss.”  Her heart soared and skipped in her breast with joy as he followed her over the edge, his deep pleasure filled growl, punctuated with “Fuck” was music to her ears.  Bonny sighed as his hot seed filled her pulsing pussy, as his fist tightened on her long blond locks topping her bliss with a tingle on her scalp.  His cock pressed into her, and he rocked his hips, again and again to prolong her pleasure as his thick ridge massaged her G-spot.  It seemed to go on forever, as wave after blissful wave rocked her body.  Utterly sated, she was limp as he cleaned them up and straightened their clothes before pulling her against his chest and holding her tight.  Intertwining her fingers with his, she closed her eyes happily anticipating the rest of their little trip. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cameron and Tilly Role Play - Cam Takes Tilly in Hand

Tilly:  Tilly was bored.  Cameron had been busy with club business and she’d been left to her own devices in their apartment for the better part of the last few days.  Dom meetings or some such thing had been ongoing.  She’d already caught up on all of the bookkeeping and paperwork and cleaned their space from top to bottom.  She preferred doing everything herself mainly because she liked taking care of her Master.  It just didn’t feel right to have someone in their personal space cleaning and cooking.  Typically, Cam insisted that anytime she was in their private quarters, she be naked and available to him, but today she tugged on an old pair of sweat pants and a T shirt.  She didn’t feel like sitting around all by herself, nude, wanting him and knowing he was busy.  Curling up on the sofa to wait, she picked up a book and began to lose herself in the story.  When she heard the door hours later, she didn’t rush to greet him but slowly rose and stretched, the comfy material brushing her skin.  He entered the room and stopped short, staring at her, his eyes narrowing as they drank in her appearance.  Playfully, she turned around as though she were modeling making sure to wiggle her ass a tad.  “What, you don’t like my fancy clothes,”  She smirked and chuckled at her own little joke.

Cam: He was in a piss poor mood, not because of the staffing issue, or should he say, lack of staff period. Nope, he was up and in his own grill because he missed his woman.  Striding down the hall, his feet making heavy dents in the plush pile, he considered the best way to replenish the connection he had been missing the last few days. Maybe he should command his woman to suck him off.  Yeah, he loved that sexy little mouth of hers and the feel of those plump lips as they stroked his shaft. Or maybe he should bury his tongue in that sweet pussy of hers until his gut became so full of her sweet juices he would have no choice but to fuck her until she couldn’t remember her own goddamn name. Fuck. He knew it wasn’t just him feeling bereft, Tilly was showing clear signs that she was feeling it too. He was her master, the one she trusted to tend to her needs and even though he had no choice but to abandon her and to see to his club, he should have made time for his sub. Fuck.  Resolute that things were about to change, he punched through the door to their room.  WHAT THE FUCK… Tilly, in a pair of raggedy sweats, uncurled off the sofa like a sleepy sex kitten and greeted him as if he were a regular goddamn Joe. “No I don’t like clothes on you period.  That’s why I forbade you from wearing any.” He snarled and reached for a length of cane he kept in boot stand. “You need to be explaining sweet checks, why you disobeyed me, as you strip ‘em off.” He flexed the length of bamboo between his palms and felt his cock harden and his balls constrict with want. “It’ll be in your best interest to make it snappy sweetheart, because every second you’re clothed or talking, will earn you a lash across your sweet….but naughty ass.”        

Tilly:  Excitement curled in her belly and she could already feel her body blossoming for her Master.  Her eyes followed his hands as those strong fingers of his clamped around the gnarled cane, and a light chill ran up her spine.  Oh God, she loved the bite of pain from the unyielding bamboo.  She had to mentally shake herself before she could move or even breathe.  It certainly seems that Cam was not too happy with her choice of clothes, but she was still feeling a little put out that he’d left her on her own so much the last few days.  With him gone, there was no reason she couldn’t be as comfortable as possible.  Meeting his stern gaze, she shifted her weight to her other foot and crossed her arms over her breasts.  A little devil must have sat on her shoulder because before she was able to stop herself, her blue eyes narrowed and her tongue got away from her.  “You certainly weren’t rushing to get back here, Cam.  In fact I had no idea when you were going to walk through that door, so I just made myself comfortable. Now that you’re here, I’ll follow your instructions.”  At least she didn’t have anything on under the fleecy material so there’d only be two garments to remove.  Her slender fingers reached for the hem of her top and gracefully pulled it off in one smooth movement, leaving her breasts to bounce free in the cool air of their apartment.  She tossed it onto the armchair before hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her pants, but she never got the change to slide the sweatpants down.  A masterful arm snaked out and grabbed a fistful of the light grey material and yanked…hard. Her breath caught and her eyes widened as her body slammed up against his, soft tender flesh meeting a wall of muscle.  “S-s-sorry…”

Cam:  Goddamn her and her sassy mouth. Fuck, his cock filled with blood so fast his head kinda cartwheeled and his balls seemed to swing in an attempt to ground him.  God, how he loved that mouth.  He loved the way those plump lips moved when she spoke and he loved the way they felt and tasted when he mashed his lips with hers. “That’s enough little one,” he spoke as he breathed in the honeyed scent of her arousal. “I had club details to deal with, instead of moping around here like a spoilt child, you could have entertained yourself in the proper manner.” When Tilly looked at him with a confused expression, he yanked down her sweats. Holding her to him with his forearm, he slid his fingers into her slick heat from behind and explained. “You have had hours to prepare my cunt for my cock, yet you are barely wet enough to cope with my fingers.” Tilly’s cheeks flushed with shame and she lowered her eyes, taking in the hard-set cords that linked his throat to his chest. “Ten lashes for you baby doll, seven for the time it took for you to talk and strip and three for the three times you have denied me my title.” In one swift move, he had her bent across his desk, locking her in place with a steady palm that he spread between the sexy dimples on her back. “Count and God help you baby, if that pussy of mine is not weeping for my touch by the time I’m done.”

Tilly:  Shit. He was right.  She let her annoyance get the best of her.  Contrite, she stilled as he pressed her into the smooth, cool wood.  She certainly wasn’t going to have any challenge with being wet enough for her Master.  Her juices gushed at his references to ownership.  When he referred to her or parts of her as ‘his’, she just felt tingly all over.  Her slick heat was spilling onto her thighs by the time he had her positioned for her punishment.  Her breasts and belly against the hard wood and her toes barely reaching the floor.  His leg slid in between hers to assure her silky thighs remained well parted and he’d be able to observe her body’s reaction to his domination and punishment.  Her breathing quickened in anticipation as the whoosh of the cane split the air on a sharp practice swing.  Seconds later, a sharp pain exploded across her smooth ass.  Her eyes squeezed shut, and her breathing stilled for that split second that the world stood still.  Digging deep into herself, she forced the pain to the back of her psyche.  She’d take it…for him…for them.  She’d remember to give him the proper respect, calling him Sir or Master and placing her full trust in him to do what he needed to and come back to her as soon as he could.  Focusing on the burn and it’s warming aftermath, she relaxed her body and awaited the next strike.  “I’m sorry, Sir.  One…”

Cam:  Sorry! Yeah well so was he. He was sorry for neglecting the most precious thing that he owned. He was sorry that after all time they had been together, that sometimes, he took her love for granted.  The cane sliced across the back the upper thighs, a spot he favored for maximum effect.  With each lash, his woman became more aroused and fuck it, so did he. His heart raced, his cock throbbed and he ground his crotch into her naked flesh to ease the ache. “Whatever I do in life I do for you, I work to put a roof over your head, the finest food in your belly and the purest silk on your skin. I do so willingly because, goddamn it, I love you.” With his final declaration, the last lash welted her reddened skin. Panting, damp with a sheen of sweat and desperate to show just how much he loved her, he threw the cane to the floor, lifted her from his desk and kissed the motherfucking life out of that precious sassy mouth. “Goddamn it woman you drive me wild.” Cupping his palm under her ass, he backed her up against wall. Tilly’s breasts cushioned his hard frame, her legs curled around his hips and his fingers eased into her wet heat, readying her for his cock. “Undo my fly baby; I’m burning to be in you.”  

Tilly:  Her heart swelled to almost bursting in her chest.  She loved him so much she ached with it.  She signed as he tugged her toward him and covered her mouth with his, surrendering completely to his erotic invasion of her mouth and senses.  The burn in her butt and thighs had spread a delicious warmth throughout her body; she could still feel the throb as her blood rushed under the surface of her pale flesh.  Her core pulsed in unison with the pulse pounding in her veins and as her back met the cool painted wall, she reveled in the crush of his muscular chest against her sensitive skin.  She was on fire and could barely wait another second to be taken.  Fighting not to come as his fingers found her drenched sex, she fumbled frantically with his pants to release his thick cock.  The second he was free he wasted no time in impaling her to the wall.  Her pussy tightened around him, and she cried out in utter delight.  She felt every ounce of his ownership, love and desire.  “God….Master…love you…too” She was barely able to gasp the words as his hips rocked and he began to thrust.  Bombarded with sensation inside and out, she shook and gasped as the pleasure built deep inside.

Cam:  Tilly’s slender fingers around his shaft as she aligned his cock with her sex had him near on cumming all over her palm. The need to mark her, to show the goddamn world that she belonged to him was over powering. Leading with his left hip, he drove into her heat, slamming into her deep, from throbbing crown to solid root. “This will be quick baby, cum with me.” He rasped as he suckled love hickeys along the sensitive spot in the hollow of her throat. Tilly’s heels bit into his ass, her fingers knotted in his hair as she nipped love bites along his iron hard shoulder blade. Tilly rocked against him, searching for a deeper friction on her clit than the cropped hair on his pelvis could provide.  Knowing what she needed, he growled. “Find your sweet spot baby, rub it for me and get yourself there.” A slight shuffle and without missing a beat, his fingers sought the sensitive tissue of her ass while her hand slipped between them searching for her love button that would get her off as quickly as him. Tilly rested her head on his shoulder and he claimed her heated moans in his mouth. Unable to keep the connection through the deep-seated need to mark her, he barked his command for her to cum.  Hips grinding, ass slamming, back arching, his balls gave out and he pumped his hot seed deep inside her clenching cunt. “All for you baby, always for you,” he whispered as she came part with him.      

Tilly:  She was completely lost…floating on a cloud of pure ecstasy.  Nothing on this earth was a more potent drug than pleasing her master and wearing his mark.  With every stroke, every nip and draw on her tender flesh, he showed him over and over that he loved her and that she was his.  Surrendering her heart, mind, body and soul to him was as natural as breathing.  She reveled in the feel of his hot seed deep inside her body, tipping over into blissful spasms the second he commanded her to cum.  “Oh yes…Master…yes.  Only ever yours.  Love you…so…much.”  His hard body kept her pinned against the smooth wall as they rode their pleasure together.  Only when the last pulse of their shared release ebbed and their breathing returned to normal, did he swing her up into his powerful arms, bestowing a gentle kiss on her gently curved lips.  She nuzzled into him, purring her satisfaction as his tread took them across their apartment toward the bath.  “Into the bath for you baby, then to bed where Master’s going to show you all night long who owns every inch of you.”  Lifting her head, she met his loving, indulgent look with a happy grin as he set her down to start the water running. “Yes, please, Sir.”

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cameron Release

I'm dead excited and humbled to announce the release of the first book in my The Pit Series in both ebook and paperback.  I've had eBooks come out, but somehow holding a paperback copy in my hand felt like even more of an accomplishment this time.  I wasn't sure I could write, didn't think much about it really,  and I more or less fell into it.  I've always been an avid reader, or listener since I love audio books most.  It wasn't until my wife introduced me to a famous author's role play site that I tried my hand at writing.

First in role play, I was able to build a very popular Dominant character.  I made a lot of friends there and was encouraged to try my hand at short stories.   With support from my wife, friends and role play partner, Kass, I set out to give it a try.  Cameron was my first and the beginning of my The Pit Series.  Harvey, Hamilton and Cain follow and you'll be seeing them soon.  

With Kass, I also have some single titles and a new BDSM series that we I are co-authoring.  It's been fun trying out a variety of different writing types...BDSM, Comedic Erotica, Swinging.    

Give us a try and let us know what you think!  we love to hear from readers!

If you'd like a copy of Cameron, you can buy it here:
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Eternal Press:

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Pit Series Release

I'm dead excited for the upcoming release of Cameron on August 1.  I wrote four books in my The Pit Series: Cameron, Harvey, Hamilton and Cain.  Cameron and Harvey were out awhile ago in their original form and in two parts each.  It was actually a good thing that they came back off the market with the close of my first publisher.  It gave me the change to restructure and rewrite and make them even better than before.  I'm really pleased with my updates.

I'm in edits on the last one now, so they will come out one at a time with a little spacing but very soon they will be all done and formatted.  Not only are them coming out in ebook format this time, they will be in print.  Woot Woot!  That, I can't wait to see.

I  have also now completed Hamilton and Cain, adding them to the series and those had never been released.  It's been a ton of fun weaving all of the characters' journeys through BDSM and self discovery and finding their mates.  I have a special affinity for Cam since it was my very first book and because I role played him for awhile when we had a role play group to bring the characters to life in a different way.  Since the Pit books were finished, I've written more and co-authored some with Kass, too.  We're working on a new BDSM series together, as well...another story I'm excited to tell.

I hope you all enjoy The Pit Series and give it a read.  Come back and post up some comments or post your review to tell me what you think.  As always I appreciate your support.


Cameron, Book One of The Pit Series
The Blaze of Passion

Cameron Flint and his close friends, twin brothers Harvey and Hamilton, co-own an exclusive BDSM club on the Kings Road in Knightsbridge.  Cameron, a Dominant in his thirties has been searching unsuccessfully for a submissive to call his own.  Natalie Darrow is forced to trade the only keepsake remaining from her former life in order to survive.  Desperation and a deep seated fear lands her at the doorstep of an unassuming building.  A random chance, followed by a bad choice, lead Natalie into the arms of the formidable part owner of The Pit, Cameron Flint.  A burning passion ignites as he begins to introduce her to his Dominant lifestyle.  When they delve into the black market to recover the keepsake Tilly longs to have back, a web of deceit and lies unfolds with devastating consequences.

Monday, May 11, 2015


Today was an exciting day for us!  Caravan Club released!  It's available on the publishers website (Secret Cravings Publishing), Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AllRomance and a few others.  There is just nothing like searching on a website and having your own book come up.  Caravan Club was alot of fun for us to write.  We enjoyed every minute and are even considering a story or two for some of the other couples in the book.

In the meantime, we're on to a variety of other projects. 

Edward has four books coming out with Eternal Press and is working with the editor on the second.  The first one wrapped up a couple weeks ago.  He's eagerly anticipating the release of the four books in his The Pit Series as are the rest of us.  They are great reads!  

Kass is in the same position with Eternal with her two Doctor's Orders books.  Eagerly awaiting editing to begin.  

Together we just finished hte first book of an exciting series that's near and dear to both our hearts, but we're keeping our lips sealed until it's picked up.  After that series is completed which may take awhile, we've already framed out a novel ourside the romance/erotica realm that we want to write.  Lots of good stuff going on.

For today and likely the next few weeks, we're basking in the enjoyment of the release of The Caravan Club and hope our readers love it.  Drop us a comment once you've read and let us know what you thought.

Check out the links for Caravan Club in our Book Links Section.  
Thanks as always for your support!  

Ed and Kass

Friday, January 16, 2015

Celebration Time!!

Woot! Today we're celebrating the acceptance of our latest story, Caravan Club by Secret Cravings Publishing!  

Caravan Club was a fun story for us to write and as we passed it back and forth, it grew into an endearing tale.  It was a new topic for both of us and we eagerly added our perspectives.  After submitting just two weeks ago, we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.  The email came today and I have to say I was almost afraid to open it.  With a nervous rush pinkening my cheeks, I double clicked on the message and eagerly read.  Three words leapt off the page...pleased, accepted and publication.  Excitement rushed through my veins as I read and re-read the email.

We can't wait to share  our latest story with all of you.  Shortly we will add a blurb and excerpt so stay tuned.  Our release date in May 2015 and we hope you will join us on Rob and Simone's journey into The Caravan Club!

Ed and Kass 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Blog Hop Winners

Hi everyone and a very Happy New Year.  Kass tasked me with selecting the winners of our blog contest so here goes:

First prize of an amazon gift card goes to Lee Todd for the drink Butt Sex.  I gotta say, not much would embarrass me, doll, but asking a male bartender for Butt Sex is not something I’d be willing to do.  It’s also pretty fitting given the escapades of our main character, Sam in Soul Mate.  You’ll have to read to find out why.

The other two prizes (a copy of Kass and my book Soul Mate or Kass’ book, Three’s a Crowd) go to: 

ShirleyAnn for the drink Duck Fart , because, hell, I’m a guy and Fart caught my eye, and besides that Kaluha and Bailey’s are two of Kass’ favorites.


Juana for the drink Redhead in Bed.  Never heard of it but I like it!  It’s different and now I have to look it up and learn a new drink.  Saffron, our female main character in Soul Mate was a fiery redhead.

Thanks everyone for your comments.  We enjoyed reading them and wish you all a Happy, Healthy New Year!  Kass will be emailing the three winners so they can collect their prizes.  Cheers.