Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cameron and Tilly Role Play - Cam Takes Tilly in Hand

Tilly:  Tilly was bored.  Cameron had been busy with club business and she’d been left to her own devices in their apartment for the better part of the last few days.  Dom meetings or some such thing had been ongoing.  She’d already caught up on all of the bookkeeping and paperwork and cleaned their space from top to bottom.  She preferred doing everything herself mainly because she liked taking care of her Master.  It just didn’t feel right to have someone in their personal space cleaning and cooking.  Typically, Cam insisted that anytime she was in their private quarters, she be naked and available to him, but today she tugged on an old pair of sweat pants and a T shirt.  She didn’t feel like sitting around all by herself, nude, wanting him and knowing he was busy.  Curling up on the sofa to wait, she picked up a book and began to lose herself in the story.  When she heard the door hours later, she didn’t rush to greet him but slowly rose and stretched, the comfy material brushing her skin.  He entered the room and stopped short, staring at her, his eyes narrowing as they drank in her appearance.  Playfully, she turned around as though she were modeling making sure to wiggle her ass a tad.  “What, you don’t like my fancy clothes,”  She smirked and chuckled at her own little joke.

Cam: He was in a piss poor mood, not because of the staffing issue, or should he say, lack of staff period. Nope, he was up and in his own grill because he missed his woman.  Striding down the hall, his feet making heavy dents in the plush pile, he considered the best way to replenish the connection he had been missing the last few days. Maybe he should command his woman to suck him off.  Yeah, he loved that sexy little mouth of hers and the feel of those plump lips as they stroked his shaft. Or maybe he should bury his tongue in that sweet pussy of hers until his gut became so full of her sweet juices he would have no choice but to fuck her until she couldn’t remember her own goddamn name. Fuck. He knew it wasn’t just him feeling bereft, Tilly was showing clear signs that she was feeling it too. He was her master, the one she trusted to tend to her needs and even though he had no choice but to abandon her and to see to his club, he should have made time for his sub. Fuck.  Resolute that things were about to change, he punched through the door to their room.  WHAT THE FUCK… Tilly, in a pair of raggedy sweats, uncurled off the sofa like a sleepy sex kitten and greeted him as if he were a regular goddamn Joe. “No I don’t like clothes on you period.  That’s why I forbade you from wearing any.” He snarled and reached for a length of cane he kept in boot stand. “You need to be explaining sweet checks, why you disobeyed me, as you strip ‘em off.” He flexed the length of bamboo between his palms and felt his cock harden and his balls constrict with want. “It’ll be in your best interest to make it snappy sweetheart, because every second you’re clothed or talking, will earn you a lash across your sweet….but naughty ass.”        

Tilly:  Excitement curled in her belly and she could already feel her body blossoming for her Master.  Her eyes followed his hands as those strong fingers of his clamped around the gnarled cane, and a light chill ran up her spine.  Oh God, she loved the bite of pain from the unyielding bamboo.  She had to mentally shake herself before she could move or even breathe.  It certainly seems that Cam was not too happy with her choice of clothes, but she was still feeling a little put out that he’d left her on her own so much the last few days.  With him gone, there was no reason she couldn’t be as comfortable as possible.  Meeting his stern gaze, she shifted her weight to her other foot and crossed her arms over her breasts.  A little devil must have sat on her shoulder because before she was able to stop herself, her blue eyes narrowed and her tongue got away from her.  “You certainly weren’t rushing to get back here, Cam.  In fact I had no idea when you were going to walk through that door, so I just made myself comfortable. Now that you’re here, I’ll follow your instructions.”  At least she didn’t have anything on under the fleecy material so there’d only be two garments to remove.  Her slender fingers reached for the hem of her top and gracefully pulled it off in one smooth movement, leaving her breasts to bounce free in the cool air of their apartment.  She tossed it onto the armchair before hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her pants, but she never got the change to slide the sweatpants down.  A masterful arm snaked out and grabbed a fistful of the light grey material and yanked…hard. Her breath caught and her eyes widened as her body slammed up against his, soft tender flesh meeting a wall of muscle.  “S-s-sorry…”

Cam:  Goddamn her and her sassy mouth. Fuck, his cock filled with blood so fast his head kinda cartwheeled and his balls seemed to swing in an attempt to ground him.  God, how he loved that mouth.  He loved the way those plump lips moved when she spoke and he loved the way they felt and tasted when he mashed his lips with hers. “That’s enough little one,” he spoke as he breathed in the honeyed scent of her arousal. “I had club details to deal with, instead of moping around here like a spoilt child, you could have entertained yourself in the proper manner.” When Tilly looked at him with a confused expression, he yanked down her sweats. Holding her to him with his forearm, he slid his fingers into her slick heat from behind and explained. “You have had hours to prepare my cunt for my cock, yet you are barely wet enough to cope with my fingers.” Tilly’s cheeks flushed with shame and she lowered her eyes, taking in the hard-set cords that linked his throat to his chest. “Ten lashes for you baby doll, seven for the time it took for you to talk and strip and three for the three times you have denied me my title.” In one swift move, he had her bent across his desk, locking her in place with a steady palm that he spread between the sexy dimples on her back. “Count and God help you baby, if that pussy of mine is not weeping for my touch by the time I’m done.”

Tilly:  Shit. He was right.  She let her annoyance get the best of her.  Contrite, she stilled as he pressed her into the smooth, cool wood.  She certainly wasn’t going to have any challenge with being wet enough for her Master.  Her juices gushed at his references to ownership.  When he referred to her or parts of her as ‘his’, she just felt tingly all over.  Her slick heat was spilling onto her thighs by the time he had her positioned for her punishment.  Her breasts and belly against the hard wood and her toes barely reaching the floor.  His leg slid in between hers to assure her silky thighs remained well parted and he’d be able to observe her body’s reaction to his domination and punishment.  Her breathing quickened in anticipation as the whoosh of the cane split the air on a sharp practice swing.  Seconds later, a sharp pain exploded across her smooth ass.  Her eyes squeezed shut, and her breathing stilled for that split second that the world stood still.  Digging deep into herself, she forced the pain to the back of her psyche.  She’d take it…for him…for them.  She’d remember to give him the proper respect, calling him Sir or Master and placing her full trust in him to do what he needed to and come back to her as soon as he could.  Focusing on the burn and it’s warming aftermath, she relaxed her body and awaited the next strike.  “I’m sorry, Sir.  One…”

Cam:  Sorry! Yeah well so was he. He was sorry for neglecting the most precious thing that he owned. He was sorry that after all time they had been together, that sometimes, he took her love for granted.  The cane sliced across the back the upper thighs, a spot he favored for maximum effect.  With each lash, his woman became more aroused and fuck it, so did he. His heart raced, his cock throbbed and he ground his crotch into her naked flesh to ease the ache. “Whatever I do in life I do for you, I work to put a roof over your head, the finest food in your belly and the purest silk on your skin. I do so willingly because, goddamn it, I love you.” With his final declaration, the last lash welted her reddened skin. Panting, damp with a sheen of sweat and desperate to show just how much he loved her, he threw the cane to the floor, lifted her from his desk and kissed the motherfucking life out of that precious sassy mouth. “Goddamn it woman you drive me wild.” Cupping his palm under her ass, he backed her up against wall. Tilly’s breasts cushioned his hard frame, her legs curled around his hips and his fingers eased into her wet heat, readying her for his cock. “Undo my fly baby; I’m burning to be in you.”  

Tilly:  Her heart swelled to almost bursting in her chest.  She loved him so much she ached with it.  She signed as he tugged her toward him and covered her mouth with his, surrendering completely to his erotic invasion of her mouth and senses.  The burn in her butt and thighs had spread a delicious warmth throughout her body; she could still feel the throb as her blood rushed under the surface of her pale flesh.  Her core pulsed in unison with the pulse pounding in her veins and as her back met the cool painted wall, she reveled in the crush of his muscular chest against her sensitive skin.  She was on fire and could barely wait another second to be taken.  Fighting not to come as his fingers found her drenched sex, she fumbled frantically with his pants to release his thick cock.  The second he was free he wasted no time in impaling her to the wall.  Her pussy tightened around him, and she cried out in utter delight.  She felt every ounce of his ownership, love and desire.  “God….Master…love you…too” She was barely able to gasp the words as his hips rocked and he began to thrust.  Bombarded with sensation inside and out, she shook and gasped as the pleasure built deep inside.

Cam:  Tilly’s slender fingers around his shaft as she aligned his cock with her sex had him near on cumming all over her palm. The need to mark her, to show the goddamn world that she belonged to him was over powering. Leading with his left hip, he drove into her heat, slamming into her deep, from throbbing crown to solid root. “This will be quick baby, cum with me.” He rasped as he suckled love hickeys along the sensitive spot in the hollow of her throat. Tilly’s heels bit into his ass, her fingers knotted in his hair as she nipped love bites along his iron hard shoulder blade. Tilly rocked against him, searching for a deeper friction on her clit than the cropped hair on his pelvis could provide.  Knowing what she needed, he growled. “Find your sweet spot baby, rub it for me and get yourself there.” A slight shuffle and without missing a beat, his fingers sought the sensitive tissue of her ass while her hand slipped between them searching for her love button that would get her off as quickly as him. Tilly rested her head on his shoulder and he claimed her heated moans in his mouth. Unable to keep the connection through the deep-seated need to mark her, he barked his command for her to cum.  Hips grinding, ass slamming, back arching, his balls gave out and he pumped his hot seed deep inside her clenching cunt. “All for you baby, always for you,” he whispered as she came part with him.      

Tilly:  She was completely lost…floating on a cloud of pure ecstasy.  Nothing on this earth was a more potent drug than pleasing her master and wearing his mark.  With every stroke, every nip and draw on her tender flesh, he showed him over and over that he loved her and that she was his.  Surrendering her heart, mind, body and soul to him was as natural as breathing.  She reveled in the feel of his hot seed deep inside her body, tipping over into blissful spasms the second he commanded her to cum.  “Oh yes…Master…yes.  Only ever yours.  Love you…so…much.”  His hard body kept her pinned against the smooth wall as they rode their pleasure together.  Only when the last pulse of their shared release ebbed and their breathing returned to normal, did he swing her up into his powerful arms, bestowing a gentle kiss on her gently curved lips.  She nuzzled into him, purring her satisfaction as his tread took them across their apartment toward the bath.  “Into the bath for you baby, then to bed where Master’s going to show you all night long who owns every inch of you.”  Lifting her head, she met his loving, indulgent look with a happy grin as he set her down to start the water running. “Yes, please, Sir.”

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