Friday, January 16, 2015

Celebration Time!!

Woot! Today we're celebrating the acceptance of our latest story, Caravan Club by Secret Cravings Publishing!  

Caravan Club was a fun story for us to write and as we passed it back and forth, it grew into an endearing tale.  It was a new topic for both of us and we eagerly added our perspectives.  After submitting just two weeks ago, we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.  The email came today and I have to say I was almost afraid to open it.  With a nervous rush pinkening my cheeks, I double clicked on the message and eagerly read.  Three words leapt off the page...pleased, accepted and publication.  Excitement rushed through my veins as I read and re-read the email.

We can't wait to share  our latest story with all of you.  Shortly we will add a blurb and excerpt so stay tuned.  Our release date in May 2015 and we hope you will join us on Rob and Simone's journey into The Caravan Club!

Ed and Kass 

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