Role Play

Cam Takes Tilly in Hand

Tilly:  Tilly was bored.  Cameron had been busy with club business and she’d been left to her own devices in their apartment for the better part of the last few days.  Dom meetings or some such thing had been ongoing.  She’d already caught up on all of the bookkeeping and paperwork and cleaned their space from top to bottom.  She preferred doing everything herself mainly because she liked taking care of her Master.  It just didn’t feel right to have someone in their personal space cleaning and cooking.  Typically, Cam insisted that anytime she was in their private quarters, she be naked and available to him, but today she tugged on an old pair of sweat pants and a T shirt.  She didn’t feel like sitting around all by herself, nude, wanting him and knowing he was busy.  Curling up on the sofa to wait, she picked up a book and began to lose herself in the story.  When she heard the door hours later, she didn’t rush to greet him but slowly rose and stretched, the comfy material brushing her skin.  He entered the room and stopped short, staring at her, his eyes narrowing as they drank in her appearance.  Playfully, she turned around as though she were modeling making sure to wiggle her ass a tad.  “What, you don’t like my fancy clothes,”  She smirked and chuckled at her own little joke.

Cam: He was in a piss poor mood, not because of the staffing issue, or should he say, lack of staff period. Nope, he was up and in his own grill because he missed his woman.  Striding down the hall, his feet making heavy dents in the plush pile, he considered the best way to replenish the connection he had been missing the last few days. Maybe he should command his woman to suck him off.  Yeah, he loved that sexy little mouth of hers and the feel of those plump lips as they stroked his shaft. Or maybe he should bury his tongue in that sweet pussy of hers until his gut became so full of her sweet juices he would have no choice but to fuck her until she couldn’t remember her own goddamn name. Fuck. He knew it wasn’t just him feeling bereft, Tilly was showing clear signs that she was feeling it too. He was her master, the one she trusted to tend to her needs and even though he had no choice but to abandon her and to see to his club, he should have made time for his sub. Fuck.  Resolute that things were about to change, he punched through the door to their room.  WHAT THE FUCK… Tilly, in a pair of raggedy sweats, uncurled off the sofa like a sleepy sex kitten and greeted him as if he were a regular goddamn Joe. “No I don’t like clothes on you period.  That’s why I forbade you from wearing any.” He snarled and reached for a length of cane he kept in boot stand. “You need to be explaining sweet checks, why you disobeyed me, as you strip ‘em off.” He flexed the length of bamboo between his palms and felt his cock harden and his balls constrict with want. “It’ll be in your best interest to make it snappy sweetheart, because every second you’re clothed or talking, will earn you a lash across your sweet….but naughty ass.”        

Tilly:  Excitement curled in her belly and she could already feel her body blossoming for her Master.  Her eyes followed his hands as those strong fingers of his clamped around the gnarled cane, and a light chill ran up her spine.  Oh God, she loved the bite of pain from the unyielding bamboo.  She had to mentally shake herself before she could move or even breathe.  It certainly seems that Cam was not too happy with her choice of clothes, but she was still feeling a little put out that he’d left her on her own so much the last few days.  With him gone, there was no reason she couldn’t be as comfortable as possible.  Meeting his stern gaze, she shifted her weight to her other foot and crossed her arms over her breasts.  A little devil must have sat on her shoulder because before she was able to stop herself, her blue eyes narrowed and her tongue got away from her.  “You certainly weren’t rushing to get back here, Cam.  In fact I had no idea when you were going to walk through that door, so I just made myself comfortable. Now that you’re here, I’ll follow your instructions.”  At least she didn’t have anything on under the fleecy material so there’d only be two garments to remove.  Her slender fingers reached for the hem of her top and gracefully pulled it off in one smooth movement, leaving her breasts to bounce free in the cool air of their apartment.  She tossed it onto the armchair before hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her pants, but she never got the change to slide the sweatpants down.  A masterful arm snaked out and grabbed a fistful of the light grey material and yanked…hard. Her breath caught and her eyes widened as her body slammed up against his, soft tender flesh meeting a wall of muscle.  “S-s-sorry…”

Cam:  Goddamn her and her sassy mouth. Fuck, his cock filled with blood so fast his head kinda cartwheeled and his balls seemed to swing in an attempt to ground him.  God, how he loved that mouth.  He loved the way those plump lips moved when she spoke and he loved the way they felt and tasted when he mashed his lips with hers. “That’s enough little one,” he spoke as he breathed in the honeyed scent of her arousal. “I had club details to deal with, instead of moping around here like a spoilt child, you could have entertained yourself in the proper manner.” When Tilly looked at him with a confused expression, he yanked down her sweats. Holding her to him with his forearm, he slid his fingers into her slick heat from behind and explained. “You have had hours to prepare my cunt for my cock, yet you are barely wet enough to cope with my fingers.” Tilly’s cheeks flushed with shame and she lowered her eyes, taking in the hard-set cords that linked his throat to his chest. “Ten lashes for you baby doll, seven for the time it took for you to talk and strip and three for the three times you have denied me my title.” In one swift move, he had her bent across his desk, locking her in place with a steady palm that he spread between the sexy dimples on her back. “Count and God help you baby, if that pussy of mine is not weeping for my touch by the time I’m done.”

Tilly:  Shit. He was right.  She let her annoyance get the best of her.  Contrite, she stilled as he pressed her into the smooth, cool wood.  She certainly wasn’t going to have any challenge with being wet enough for her Master.  Her juices gushed at his references to ownership.  When he referred to her or parts of her as ‘his’, she just felt tingly all over.  Her slick heat was spilling onto her thighs by the time he had her positioned for her punishment.  Her breasts and belly against the hard wood and her toes barely reaching the floor.  His leg slid in between hers to assure her silky thighs remained well parted and he’d be able to observe her body’s reaction to his domination and punishment.  Her breathing quickened in anticipation as the whoosh of the cane split the air on a sharp practice swing.  Seconds later, a sharp pain exploded across her smooth ass.  Her eyes squeezed shut, and her breathing stilled for that split second that the world stood still.  Digging deep into herself, she forced the pain to the back of her psyche.  She’d take it…for him…for them.  She’d remember to give him the proper respect, calling him Sir or Master and placing her full trust in him to do what he needed to and come back to her as soon as he could.  Focusing on the burn and it’s warming aftermath, she relaxed her body and awaited the next strike.  “I’m sorry, Sir.  One…”

Cam:  Sorry! Yeah well so was he. He was sorry for neglecting the most precious thing that he owned. He was sorry that after all time they had been together, that sometimes, he took her love for granted.  The cane sliced across the back the upper thighs, a spot he favored for maximum effect.  With each lash, his woman became more aroused and fuck it, so did he. His heart raced, his cock throbbed and he ground his crotch into her naked flesh to ease the ache. “Whatever I do in life I do for you, I work to put a roof over your head, the finest food in your belly and the purest silk on your skin. I do so willingly because, goddamn it, I love you.” With his final declaration, the last lash welted her reddened skin. Panting, damp with a sheen of sweat and desperate to show just how much he loved her, he threw the cane to the floor, lifted her from his desk and kissed the motherfucking life out of that precious sassy mouth. “Goddamn it woman you drive me wild.” Cupping his palm under her ass, he backed her up against wall. Tilly’s breasts cushioned his hard frame, her legs curled around his hips and his fingers eased into her wet heat, readying her for his cock. “Undo my fly baby; I’m burning to be in you.”  

Tilly:  Her heart swelled to almost bursting in her chest.  She loved him so much she ached with it.  She signed as he tugged her toward him and covered her mouth with his, surrendering completely to his erotic invasion of her mouth and senses.  The burn in her butt and thighs had spread a delicious warmth throughout her body; she could still feel the throb as her blood rushed under the surface of her pale flesh.  Her core pulsed in unison with the pulse pounding in her veins and as her back met the cool painted wall, she reveled in the crush of his muscular chest against her sensitive skin.  She was on fire and could barely wait another second to be taken.  Fighting not to come as his fingers found her drenched sex, she fumbled frantically with his pants to release his thick cock.  The second he was free he wasted no time in impaling her to the wall.  Her pussy tightened around him, and she cried out in utter delight.  She felt every ounce of his ownership, love and desire.  “God….Master…love you…too” She was barely able to gasp the words as his hips rocked and he began to thrust.  Bombarded with sensation inside and out, she shook and gasped as the pleasure built deep inside.

Cam:  Tilly’s slender fingers around his shaft as she aligned his cock with her sex had him near on cumming all over her palm. The need to mark her, to show the goddamn world that she belonged to him was over powering. Leading with his left hip, he drove into her heat, slamming into her deep, from throbbing crown to solid root. “This will be quick baby, cum with me.” He rasped as he suckled love hickeys along the sensitive spot in the hollow of her throat. Tilly’s heels bit into his ass, her fingers knotted in his hair as she nipped love bites along his iron hard shoulder blade. Tilly rocked against him, searching for a deeper friction on her clit than the cropped hair on his pelvis could provide.  Knowing what she needed, he growled. “Find your sweet spot baby, rub it for me and get yourself there.” A slight shuffle and without missing a beat, his fingers sought the sensitive tissue of her ass while her hand slipped between them searching for her love button that would get her off as quickly as him. Tilly rested her head on his shoulder and he claimed her heated moans in his mouth. Unable to keep the connection through the deep-seated need to mark her, he barked his command for her to cum.  Hips grinding, ass slamming, back arching, his balls gave out and he pumped his hot seed deep inside her clenching cunt. “All for you baby, always for you,” he whispered as she came part with him.      

Tilly:  She was completely lost…floating on a cloud of pure ecstasy.  Nothing on this earth was a more potent drug than pleasing her master and wearing his mark.  With every stroke, every nip and draw on her tender flesh, he showed him over and over that he loved her and that she was his.  Surrendering her heart, mind, body and soul to him was as natural as breathing.  She reveled in the feel of his hot seed deep inside her body, tipping over into blissful spasms the second he commanded her to cum.  “Oh yes…Master…yes.  Only ever yours.  Love you…so…much.”  His hard body kept her pinned against the smooth wall as they rode their pleasure together.  Only when the last pulse of their shared release ebbed and their breathing returned to normal, did he swing her up into his powerful arms, bestowing a gentle kiss on her gently curved lips.  She nuzzled into him, purring her satisfaction as his tread took them across their apartment toward the bath.  “Into the bath for you baby, then to bed where Master’s going to show you all night long who owns every inch of you.”  Lifting her head, she met his loving, indulgent look with a happy grin as he set her down to start the water running. “Yes, please, Sir.”


Mia Helps Joel Relax

Mia:  Mia made her weekly stop at the hospital to check in and see if any new cases had come through with the need for a patient advocate.  While she was there, she thought it might be nice to visit her live in lover and sub, Joel.  Maybe they’d even be able to have lunch if his workload wasn’t too hectic. Passing through the ER, she stopped to chat with the desk nurse only to learn that Joel was busily working on several urgent cases that had come in right on top of each other.  She said a silent prayer that all would be well and headed back to her office across town.  Poor Joel would be stressed tonight by the time he got back to their townhouse.  Thankfully, it would be the start of his 48 hour off schedule time and she had just the thing to ease all of that nasty tension from his tired body.  By the end of the day, she had her plan firmly in place.  She had managed to chat with Joel briefly so she knew about when to expect him, but it really didn’t matter.  She was a patient woman.  After she prepared her playroom and dressed in her severe black leather bustier, fish net stockings and thigh high boots, she heard his key in the front door.  She stood immobile as he entered the foyer, dropping his bag on the chair they kept hear the entrance.  He stopped short when he caught sight of her in full Domme regalia, a smirk on her face and riding crop in hand.  Slapping the crop on her hand, she broke the charged silence. “Strip, slave…down to the skin and on your knees for Mistress.”  Her thighs became slick as he moved to comply and what do you know, the large tent in his slacks told her this was just what her love needed.

Joel:  Was he ever a teenager? Sure, he must had been at some point, but hell, he really couldn’t ever remember getting into the scrapes that kids did today. This afternoon he’d had to operate on two 19yr olds who had attacked each other with knives in a Mall parking lot.  “Idiot punk kids,” he muttered to himself as he dropped his bag in the hall. What was the world coming to?  Joel had tried to wash the senseless behavior from his mind by showering at work but he still felt the weight of his day, cling to him like a set of blood soaked scrubs. Dragging his fingers through his damp dark hair, he felt thankful he was off duty for two days. Taking a deep breath in an attempt to ease the weight in his chest, he looked up and straight into the eyes of his beloved Mia. Fuck damn. Mia, God bless her, had known what he would he need this evening and had adorned her Domme persona. Dressed to kill in a sexy black bustier with all the trimming, he thought for the millionth time, how lucky he was to have found her. His cock kicked to life and his balls drew up hard as a thousand and one possibilities raced through his mind on how his Domme would erase his day.  Stripping in a heartbeat, he knelt before her. His cock stood proud and center between his parted thighs as he answered his delectable Domme. “Slave is ready to serve his Mistress, ask of him what you will.”        

Mia: “Mmm. Oh, yes.  What a good Slave.”  Stepping around him, she let her eyes drink in his toned body and the eager anticipation in his eyes.  As she circled him, she continued to tap her black leather crop on her palm.  With each tap, Joel’s cock seemed to jump.  With a half smile, she stopped in front of him twining her fingers into his thick brown hair and tugging his head so that his gaze met hers. “You please your Mistress, my love.”  His nostrils flared as he breathed deeply, presumably drinking in his Mistress’ arousal and pleasure.  It was going to be a long and adventurous night for her slave.  Stepping back, she ran the tip of her crop over his shoulders and neck, then down the smooth muscle of his broad chest.  She loved that outside their little world he was completely alpha; a doctor on top of his game.  He was in utter and complete control always…except with her.  She was the only one he’d ever cede control to and that was in the bedroom.  That thought alone warmed her heart and had her pulse pounding in her veins.  One sharp slap of her crop on each firm pec punctuated her ownership and snapped him to attention.  She bent down to gently kiss the thin red lines appearing from the swift lashes and could feel the coiled anticipation inside them both.  Turning abruptly, she purposefully headed to the back of the house.  “To the playroom, my love…”  He quickly followed and as they entered the large space, she could see his chest rapidly rising and falling when he spied the ropes and bondage bench centered in the room.  Oh yes, this was exactly what they both needed.

Joel:  Goddamn Mia made his blood pump so hard he actually felt giddy. She looked spectacular in her getup, especially from where he knelt.  His eyes honed in on her lacy panties where he could see that perfectly formed little slit that he longed to suckle.  When she tilted his head to talk to him, he was so lost in her scent, that he couldn’t really comprehend the order. Two sharp snaps of pain flittered across his nipples, and as he groaned with want, his Mistress heightened his longing by dragging soft wet kisses over each erect little nub. Standing as ordered, he swallowed back his desire and instinctively followed his beauty into their playroom. “On the bench, slave. Mistress needs to kiss more of those crop welts from your skin.”  His heart pounding, his legs suddenly weak from the sassy tone of her promise, he bowed his head respectfully then straddled the leather bench. Mia walked before him with all the grace of a panther stalking her prey, teasing him with every sway of her curvy hips as she secured his ankles and wrist with the ropes. He rolled his hips in response, the Italian leather felt cool against the burning head of his cock. Perversely Mia hissed then planted a pinch of pain with the crop across his left buttock.  Rolling his hips again, he searched for that sweet friction to ease some the tension cramping his balls. “Mistress is teasing her slave with her beauty tonight,” he explained in a throaty rasp.  “Then mayhap slave would fare better by not seeing his Mistress,” she baited as she drew a silk eye mask from her cleavage.

Mia:  Oh yes, he was definitely worked up.  She had all sorts of delicious plans for him.  But first…dangling the black silk mask, she stepped in close.  He was shifting around but didn’t have much range.  His ankles were strongly bound to the legs of the bench and his wrists nicely secured behind him.  Stepping over to straddle the sturdy frame, she stood directly before him, her ample breasts just at eye level for him.  His eyes were glued to the soft orbs pushing out the top of her snug bustier and she paused to give him a show, dangling the fabric so that it briefly slid across her mounds.  He licked his lips and she laughed softly running a hand down the side of his cheek enjoying the prickly feel of his five o’clock shadow.  Gripping his chin firmly, she tilted his face to meet hers and roughly devoured his mouth with hers, her tongue pushing in to do battle with his.  Their breathing quickened and bodies were already straining, but she was a patient woman and had many plans.  Pulling back, she deftly tied the blindfold on him noting the glazed look of pleasure and need as she covered his beautiful blue eyes.  Taking a second rectangle of fabric, her slender fingers reached for his cock, gently sliding over shaft and rolling his balls through her fingers.  His strong body bucked slightly and she gave him a sharp tap on the thigh with the crop still nearby.  As he stilled she wove the fabric snugly around each ball and his thick stalk as a makeshift cock ring.  Still in front of him, she leaned in and ran her tongue over his chest, now slightly moist with perspiration.  “Are you ready for Mistress, lover?”

Joel:  Ready? He was past ready and almost into catatonic. His muscles across his heavy shoulders and back ached with tension from the need to be touched. The sting of her crop, the soft kiss of her lips, the trail of her delicate fingers around his junk again, anything, he was dying here from her teasing.  The first sting of the crop caught across the back of his thighs and ricocheted across the base of his balls. Instinctively he sucked down a curse and fought the urge to roll his hips and cock in the leather, only letting a deep rumble of pleasure from his throat to show his appreciation. Mia chuckled softly and dragged her soft wet tongue along the sting before she struck again. The cool air ignited the wet heat of every lash she placed across his junk, sending a sweet pinch of pain through every nerve ending in his body. He tried to mentally compensate, forcing himself to stay calm, focusing hard on not lashing out on the one person he loved. Mai stood again. He heard the clip of her heels and even blindfolded he could picture her beautiful body before him.  She lifted his chin in her delicate hand. Speaking softly, she dragged a painted nail across his bottom lip. “Oh my love, you have had a bitch of a day, Mistress is going to get more adventive to prize the days memories from you.” Kissing him with more passion than he deserved, she stood, untied the ropes that held his wrists and straddled the bench above him. Twining the ropes around her palm, she slowly drew his shoulders up and back, locking them straight above him till he was forced to arch up and strain his throat to breathe. “Carrying my weight my love, mayhaps will remind you that I am here to share your burden.” With that she mounted him. Digging the shards of pointed plastic that she called heels, between his shoulder blades. Riding his back like a gladiator rides his chariot.

Mia:  She knew Joel needed a bite of pain before his pleasure, especially when he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, like today.  Satisfied that he felt the sting of her crop and the delightful accompanying burn, she stepped it up with the bite of her stilettos on his broad back.  They were specially tipped so as not to do any damage, but her weight pressing in on those small points was sure to dig deep.  Still on the bench, she stepped off of him, running a cool hand over the little crescent shape marks from her heels.  Joel was breathing heavy, his cock an angry red and his balls taut.  Removing the ropes entirely from his wrists she dropped them on the floor, laid him flat on his back and once again stepped over the bench to straddle his thighs.  His wrists were free and his ankles still tied.  She couldn’t see his eyes through the blindfold, but the lines of his face were intense…ready.  Taking his hand, she placed it on the tiny lace panties she wore and laid his other on her hip.  “Mistress is going to take you now, love.  Show her how much you want her.  Rip off the panties and I’ll slide down that luscious cock.  His fingers closed on the cloth and a gush of honey flooded her sex.  A raspy half growl left his lips.  Oh yes, this was going to be fast and furious.  She’d tied the silk around his cock and balls so it could be removed with a small tug.  She’ll pull it free only when he begged for his release with his cock deep in her core.  Grinning and her own heart pounding to match his, she stood ready to claim every last ounce of him.

Joel:  His fingers slid into her tight cunt as easily as a hot knife through honey. Growling softly, longing to be permitted to taste her, he thumbed her clit in tight little figure of eights, driving her wild as his soft thumb skirted the precious nub of nerves. Leaning up, he gripped her hips as she lowered herself onto his throbbing shaft  Her fingers closed on his shoulders and those long nails of hers dug into his flesh, sending sweet shots of pain straight to his knotted balls. “Slave lives to please his Mistress,” he groaned as he arched up to plunge his tied cock into her sudden pussy to the hilt.  Mia rose and fell about him. He felt the scrap of her nails on the nape of his neck as she pulled him closer. Mia’s soft body felt familiar and warm against him as he writhed below her, trying to connect every part of himself to her.  Slowly, with every thrust he felt the stress of the day ebb away from him, the memory of those kids who played the game of life with blades, becoming a distant memory.  Rasping the stubble of his jaw against her soft cheek, he heard Mia whispers words of affection and love.  Mia nipped a path of love bites down the tight muscles of his shoulder before sinking her teeth into his shoulder tight socket, “Cum for Mistress, show her your devotion.” She breathed into his chest as she pulled the blindfold free from his eyes.  With his mistress’ permission, he pushed her back and reared above her, locked his eyes to hers and thrust deep and slow, once, twice. On the third and final thrust, his stomached clenched, his balls drew up preparing to cum when Mia pulled the ribbon that constricted his sex… Mother fucking…. “Hells fire,” he shouted as all the pent up tension seem to release from his balls and into his love in one continuous stream of heat.

Mia:  He was her life and completed her in a way she’d never even thought possible.  They were so in tune.  As she rode his steely shaft, every inch of her body was electric with pleasure tingling through her veins.  She wanted them both to have the connection when they reached that ultimate peak.  The love and intensity glowing from his pierced her straight through and she reveled in the feel of him above her when leaned forward to take them over the edge.  Unable to tear her eyes from his male beauty as he arched, tendons in his neck straining, she let go the moment the first hot jets of her seed bathed her inner sex.  Dear God…it was as though a live wire passed through her body, the pleasure almost unbearable in its intensity.  They rocked together as the wave of ecstasy passed, panting and intertwined seeking the closeness of each other.  She purred as they came back to their senses, enjoying the utterly sated pleasure filled fog.  Dropping one last kiss on his lips, she rose and bent to untie the last ropes on his chafed ankles.  Hand in hand they headed for their en suite.  She had spared no expense on that room, her haven, where both a massive Jacuzzi bath and an oversized double shower stall framed the large bright room.  Turning on the surround shower, she dropped her few remaining scraps of clothing and lead him in, gently washing his body as he washed hers. 


Blake and Desiree Scene at a Club

Blake:  Well fuck them all, he thought as he slumped heavily against the bar.  Blake didn’t give a rat’s ass what his boss thought.  He didn’t pick a sub for his brand of rough play, he shared the love, had too, because sure as shit, there was enough liquid heat in his cock to go around.  Blake scoffed into his glass, drank his large shot of scotch in one and scratched the day’s growth rasping at his jaw.  He had been a Dom at this club for more or less a year, and he had followed every goddamn club rule to the letter working many a sub through some bad shit with just few short sessions.  So yeah, he may have got a little rough and pushed their boundaries a little but so what?  He got results and after all, wasn’t that all that counted. Fuck.  Blake sat back on his stool and rolled his hips to ease the tightness behind his fly.  Damn he was jonesing for some pussy.  Scanning the dark corner of the club, his eyes raked over the thrill seekers searching for the newbie he’d been ordered to address tonight.  A young dark haired suit type no less, who probably still believed in unicorns and the fucking tooth fairy.  Spotting his client tucked away in a side booth, Blake ground his molars, cursed under his breath, and stalked towards his prey.  Bulldozing through the crowd, he mentally undressed the beauty, imagining how lush her curves would feel beneath his superior frame.  Standing before her, he brushed his hand across his buzz cut and lifted her delicate chin up in his palm.  Dragging the pad of his thumb over her plump lower lip, he growled. “Feeling brave, little one?”

Desiree:Desiree had been visiting the club every night for the last week, but so far hadn't taken the next step. That would change tonight, though. Master Blake would be taking her in hand. She'd been introduced to this exclusive establishment by one of her closest friends. After just a single visit, where she had the chance to observe several ongoing scenes, she knew this was for her. She was drawn to the beauty of trust and submission...she craved it for herself. She wanted nothing more than to explore and experience all parts of it. The club was in full swing and she could feel in her bones that tonight would be a turning point for her. Her heart fluttered in her chest as she watched a bronze Adonis clad in leather approach with a purposeful stride. Her mouth went dry and her pulse raced at the touch of his firm hand. She was mesmerized by his piercing gaze as she softly replied. "Y-yes, Sir.I think I am." Swallowing hard, she slipped out of the booth and stood, trembling slightly as she craned her neck to look up at his handsome face towering above her. Taking his outstretched hand, she followed as he led her through the crowd.

Blake: Brave or naïve, he wasn’t sure, he thought as he closed the door to one of the club’s many private suites.  Desiree stood before him in what she thought to be appropriate attire for the club, lace, leather and heels.  She looked…hot, sexy and kinda resolved that she had been assigned him as her Dom for her introduction.  Which he found oddly appealing, stubborn single mindedness, he could relate to.  After reciting the obligatory club rules and giving her a safe word, Blake covered her frame with his.  “Your file read that you favour the finer art of my trade.” He spoke softly, trailing a single digit down between her ample cleavage, parting soft cowhide over pale smooth flesh until her perfect little breasts were bared for his pleasure. “Blindfolds and ribbons,” he continued as he cupped the heavy weights in his palms then dragged the pad his thumb back and forth over each excited little nipple. “But I want you to see what I can do to you with my mouth.” Leaning forward, he sucked the first little perked bundle of nerves into the heat of his mouth. Tasting, teasing, toying, until her body became pliant and eased against his.  He popped his hips, letting his hardon nudge at her flat stomach. “On the bed little one,” he whispered against her throat, “let’s use these ribbons and tie you to the bedframe.”

Desiree:  She was dying…she had to be.  She’d been nervous at first, almost stiff, but her body began to respond the moment he shut the door.  God, he was sexy.  He was everything she’d imagined in a Dom…gorgeous, gruff, hard and masterful.  The way he carried himself screamed confidence and control.  Her panties were drenched and her nipples throbbing even before his mouth closed on her taut peaks.  Her pussy fluttered and her heart pounded.  She’d been on the brink of coming just from his lips, tongue and teeth on her nipples.  The intensity was overwhelming.  She was amazed that her wobbly knees carried her to the bed.  He’d stopped her as she prepared to climb onto the firm mattress, running his finger between her bared breasts. “Clothes off, first, sweetheart.  Make it quick.”  After the slightest hesitation, she slipped out of her vest, skirt and panties, kicking her shoes off to the side before finally settling herself stiffly on the center of the full size four poster bed.  A shiver ran through her as he stood letting his eyes drink their fill and it took every ounce of will power she owned not to cover herself.  Cocking her head to the side, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him as he moved to sit on the edge running his hand over her burning flesh in utter possession.  “Please…Sir.” She had no idea what she was asking for but she knew she needed more.

Blake:  Contrary to what his boss thought, Blake had read Desiree’s file. Desiree had a high-powered job in the city that carried a lot of weight.  She made everyday decisions that could change the fortunes of many.  Sex, for people like her, could go either way.  Either they wanted to be in control in the bedroom, or they wanted their lover to take control from them.  Desiree was the latter.  No hard play, just make her scream like a banshee kind of sex. “On your back, arms above your head,” he ordered calmly.  Desiree’s lithe body shifted down on the mattress. The sight of her breasts bouncing with every dip of her hips made his balls as hard as walnuts. He had to shed his pants before his dick busted through his fly. Stripping, he let Desiree marvel at his length and girth as he slid his dick over his palm from crown to root and back. Straddling her, he tied her wrists to the headboard then twisted his hips so they topped and tailed. “Open baby, mouth and thighs.”  Desiree readjusted beneath him and he eased the tip of his cock into the heat of her mouth.  Damn that wet heat, that swirl of her tongue, that...fuck, that suck and pull on his cock had him near to coming before he’d even started. “Slowly baby, no rush,” he barked and nestled between her spread thighs.  The smell of her sweet musk was all the invitation he needed.  Slowly he lavished her sex with hungry licks, delving into all her honey, sucking, tugging those sweet petal lips between his teeth, and grazing on her crystal hard clit like a man starved for food.

Desiree:  For the first time in as long as she could remember, Desiree felt free.  From the moment Blake took control, her body soared.  She revelled in the helplessness of being bound to the bed.  With her thighs spread and his impressive cock in her mouth, she’d licked and sucked eagerly, relishing his taste and wanting nothing more than for him to cum deep in her throat.  She’s been desperate to please him and her pussy clenched in anticipation of being filled.  A whimper escaped when he shifted but it instantly changed to a soft moan as Blake shifted on top of her, his rough hands skimming the tender flesh of her thighs as he spread her wider.  Desi cried around his thick shaft out as his mouth claimed her sex.  Unable to remain still, she writhed in her bonds, straining to move closer or pull away.  She didn’t know which.  She only knew she’d never felt this sheer ecstasy before.  She was floating, on the razor’s edge of bliss.  He kept her there, his lips and tongue ravishing her and his nimble fingers sliding into her core, curling just so.  She moaned loudly her throat vibrating around the head of his dick unable to contain her need.  “Not yet, baby. You don’t cum until I give you permission,” he growled.  Her body trembling, she shook as he pushed her higher and higher.  Her release was coiled deep in her belly.  Every second was blissful torture and she voraciously licked and suckled him as he drove her to the edge of control.  When he pulled out of her mouth and ordered her to cum, it felt as though a tidal wave swept her away.  “Ahhh.  Oh God.  Siiirrrr.

Blake: Blake’s fingers were curled against Desi’s G-Spot, his tongue flicked over her swollen clit, and his cock hard and blissfully deep in her throat when she moaned her plea. His lips curled into a snarl.  In his opinion, this little beauty was too eager for her release.  Reminding himself she was a newbie, he relented.  Next time, he’d make her wait. Fuck!  “Cum for Sir and Cum hard,” he ordered.  Blake eased his cock from her mouth as he gave the order.  No Dom wanted lockjaw around his cock as his sub shattered around him.  Desi whimpered, her pussy walls constricted, hot pulses of heat coated his fingers as she tensed up, locking his head in her thighs as she came apart as easily as the silk ribbons that bound her.  Blake sucked his fingers, revelling her flavour, then nipped the inside of her thighs before he rolled on a condom.  “You got me so goddam riled up baby,” he chuckled, “on your knees, I’m gonna have to take you from behind. Hard.”  Desi shifted, and he grabbed her ass, shifting her further down the bed so she resembled a feline cat stretching.  Blake hissed an approving growl, spread her ass wide with his thumbs, then swirled the head of his cock in her slick sex.  Dipping his hip, he aligned his cock into her tight pussy to its ridge.  Fighting back the demanding urge to pound into her, he rasped. “This will be quick, and you will cum. Understand?”    

Desiree:  She couldn’t wait to be filled by him.  Still recovering from her overwhelming release, she was a tad slow turning to her knees but when his hands firmly gripped her bottom and pulled her into place, her body shot right back into high gear, desire pooling in her core.  As she stretched forward, the sheets abraded her tender nipples and a jolt of need shot through her.  Her pussy clenched as the thick head of his cock brushed her slit and she wanted nothing more than to impale herself on his impressive shaft.  Gooseflesh rose at his dark promise and she uttered a throaty “Yes, Sir” a split second before he plunged forward, filling her in one.  Her fingers closed around the ties that had come partially loose and without pause he began to thrust again and again.  His grip on her hips tightened, his fingers biting into her tender flesh as he shuttled his cock into her at a frenetic pace.  Arching her back, she let out a soft wail.  She was so close. She could taste the orgasm building again, even stronger than the first.  Her body was on fire from the inside out and she was swiftly losing control.  He sensed that and brought her back with three sharp slaps to her ass.  The heat was unbearably erotic.  “Oh God, please, Sir.”  Master Blake chuckled darkly and slid his thumb into her virgin back passage, growling at the vice grip of her tight muscle.  “I’ll take you here next time, baby. I want this ass.  Now CUM.”

Blake. Fucking hell she felt tight. The slick walls of her cunt gloved him like a vice and he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from coming for much longer.  Already he could feel that familiar flutter in the pit of his gut. The pull in his balls drew his nuts so tight he could practically cough them up like annoying fur balls.  Slapping Desiree’s ass, he tried to get the beauty to concentrate.  Blake plunged into her core, burying himself from tip to base and stretching her open with every slam of his hips.  Sexy grunts and groans filled the room.  The thick scent of their sex mingled together creating a heady perfume that drove him wild.  He needed for her to cum and wondered vaguely if claiming her ass would speed the process up. Instead, he dipped his thumb in the dark puckered entrance and growled a vow that next time, her most sacred hole would be his. “NOW CUM” he demanded.  Feeling the first constriction around his cock, he was helpless to stop the pleasure train from thundering up his shaft.  Blood whooshed in his ear, his eyes closed tight, his head fell back, and thick ropes of muscle tightened across his shoulders.  Incoherent sounds rumbled up his chests as he shot his seed into her convulsing pussy.  Utterly spent, he fell forward on the bed. A satisfied grin already curled his lips.  The next session with this newbie he knew would be even more to his liking.  More steel handcuffs and biting nipple clamps than silken ribbons and bows, and didn't that thought just make him hard again.

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